My observation and experience is that there are no random events.  I am happy you are guided here!

The image of this site is the Full Moon…..illuminating, exuberant and symbolizing the optimum time to set intention to receive answers, insights and solutions!

My name is Patty Kemp and it is my life’s work to use my psychic gifts to be of service. Calling on over 35 years of study and work in metaphysics and psychic development, my work is to provide you the best possible reading with accuracy and compassion.

My intention for you is to be blessed by Divine love, light and guidance, helping you to sense or see the path before you with peace in your heart.    I am here to help.

“This lady has blown me away with her amazing readings. She tunes right in and sees the situation clearly & insightful. She provided me with great strength & support during a difficult time for me. I cannot recommend her strongly enough. I trust her implicitly with my future readings. She mentions things that no-one else would know and never judges me or the situation. I will continue using this reader for a very long time. Thank you so much.”
- Tess